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Engineered from the ground up by Victrix and designed for e-sports, the Pro BFG is the new gold standard in PlayStation gaming! Experience seamless wireless connectivity on PS5/PS4 and PC with long-lasting battery life and an arsenal of customizable options.

Create the ultimate customized controller. The reversible left module allows for both the standard PlayStation® stick configuration as well as offset sticks. Fans of fighting Games can swap in the Fight Pad module, which replaces the right stick with six microswitch buttons. The D-Pad, Analog Stick Caps, and Analog Stick Gates are also interchangeable.

Four Mappable Back Buttons with User-Configurable Profiles: Players can map the back buttons on the fly with the LED Profile Button and save up to 3 unique profiles for button mappings.

Boasting 5 different stopping points, the patented clutch triggers allow players to tune the trigger pulls to their specific liking, whether they want hair triggers, standard triggers, or something in the middle. Please see User Guide or Quick Start Guide for more information on customization.

Immerse yourself in the highest possible audio quality through the controller’s 3.5mm Headset Jack. The Pro BFG is also compatible with Sony 3D Audio on PS5.

With the Mode Switch, players can easily swap between PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC (using X input) devices.

Download the Control Hub Customization App to enable firmware updates to extend the battery life up to 20 hours and increase wireless stability.

Technical Specifications
Processor: 500 MHz Dual-core ARM-7 Victrix proprietary MCU, firmware upgradeable
Compatibility: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC (X-Input compatible)
Connectivity: Wireless (USB-A mini dongle) or Wired (USB type A to type C cable), switch selectable
RF Wireless Transceiver: 2.4 GHz Dual-core Victrix proprietary SOIC
Input Latency: 5ms
Buttons: High response elastomer membrane (standard module), Low damped microswitch (FG module)
Touchpad: PlayStation 5 standard
PCB: Victrix Custom
Audio Support: 3.5mm 4-pole Headset Jack, PS5 console compatible 3D Audio
Battery: 2000mAh (up to 20 hour life, depending on usage profile)
App Support: Customization, button mapping, calibration, diagnostics and firmware updates
Cable Length: 3m
Interchangeable Control modules: Standard action button layout and 6-button fight pad layout
Left Analog stick module: PlayStation 5 layout or D-pad offset, rotatable
Controller Body Material: High Rigidity, High Flexural Strength ABS thermoplastic polymer
Weight (controller): 298 gms (10.5 Oz)
Clutch Triggers™: Adjustable, with Hair Trigger mode (patented)
Dimensions: 16 cm X 10.5 cm X 6 cm (controller)

  • Pro BFG Wireless Controller
  • D-Pad & Left Analog Stick Module
  • Button & Right Analog Stick Module
  • 2 Standard Height Concave Stick Caps
  • 2 Standard Round Stick Gates
  • 1 Standard Cross D-Pad Cap
  • USB Wireless Dongle
  • 3m Braided USB-C Cable
  • 6-Button Fight Pad Module
  • 1 Tall Sniper Stick Cap
  • 1 Short Convex Stick Cap
  • 2 Octagonal Stick Gates
  • 1 Diamond D-Pad Cap
  • 1 Round D-Pad Cap
  • Module Swap Tool

Complete Customization – The Left Module can be flipped 180 degrees to play with the standard PlayStation stick configuration as well as offset sticks. Fans of fighting Games can swap in the Fight Pad module, to replace the Right Stick with six microswitch buttons.
App Update Coming Soon – The Pro BFG is fully customizable and mappable out-of-the-box, please reference the Product Guide below for more information on button mapping and configuration.
Firmware Update – A new firmware update is available for your Pro BFG Controller and Dongle to extend battery life and improve wireless stability. Download the Victrix Control Hub.
Four Mappable Back Buttons & Multi-Position Clutch Triggers – Map the back buttons on the fly with the LED Profile Button, then save and Store up to 3 unique profiles on the controller. The patented clutch triggers have 5 different stopping points, allowing players to tune them to their specific liking.