Kaleido’s partnership with Polygon offers our customers access to a vibrant ecosystem of Ethereum scaling solutions. This means enterprises now have a game-changing mix of throughput, security, and cost efficiency that positions them to win in Web3.

In this video, Nick Gaski, Solutions Architect at Kaleido, demos how developers can run Polygon Edge on Kaleido and go from environment creation to smart contract deployment in three minutes.

With a chain live, Nick shares some of the top features available to application builders in the Kaleido console, including the ability to mint tokens and set up event streams.

Whether you want to build an institutional-grade digital asset platform, a gas-free NFT marketplace, or a new Defi application, Kaleido now offers the advantage of Polygon Edge as a protocol option.

Learn more and try it free at https://www.kaleido.io/polygon-edge