Early Access has never been so close!! Before entering the Appologium and playing the game, you will first have to bridge your pack from Polygon to ImmutableX. Our CGO will guide you on a step-by-step guide to help you in bridging your pack! How nice?!

Bridge Application: https://bridge.cta-tcg-live.com/welcome
Written Guide: https://medium.com/cross-the-ages/cross-the-ages-tcg-immutable-x-migration-6f48157c6a90
Immutascan: https://immutascan.io/

Cross The Ages is just getting started, see you in the Appologium ✨

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Cross The Ages: TCG is a trading card game where players compete to capture more space than their opponent on the game board. They strategically use battle cards and field cards to dominate their opponent and ultimately win the game.

The game is designed in a “blitz” format. Each player only has five minutes to play their turns. The maximum duration for an entire game is therefore only ten minutes, making Cross The Ages an addictive experience in which players have to both “Play Fast” and “Play Smart” in order to win.

The arena from the Cross The Ages universe, Appologium, is based on 7 fantasy and sci-fi novels. It is here where players are immersed in intense one vs one battles. They collect cards from a collection of +350 characters through chest rewards, daily quests, special events like e-sports competitions, or token holding. These cards can be upgraded and merged into more powerful versions: alternative and alternative combo cards.

They can reach for the Immutable X marketplace to trade their assets freely: buy and sell cards or even borrow and lend them to other players. By completing the entire collection of CTA, they will also be able to bring their digital cards to physical, by turning their NFT into NFC: Non-Fungible Cards.


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