For a long time, enterprise blockchain projects have operated separate from public chains. But the barriers are coming down, and we’re excited to partner with Polygon to further accelerate enterprise adoption of Web3.

In this webinar our team walks you through how you can leverage Polygon’s ecosystem on the Kaleido Blockchain Business Cloud.

– Steve Cerveny, CEO, will introduce what this partnership means for the Web3 space and what you can expect to see moving forward.
– Kyle Makinen, Enterprise Senior Manager at Polygon, will share how Polygon is supporting the Enterprise blockchain space and what plans it has for the future.
– Jim Zhang, co-founder and Head of Protocol, will share his perspective on how businesses will use these new modular frameworks to launch new applications.
– Nick Gaski, Solutions Architect at Kaleido, will give a live demo showing how easy it is to launch a Polygon Edge chain on Kaleido, going from environment creation to smart contract deployment in minutes.

Whether you want to build an institutional-grade digital asset platform, a gas-free NFT marketplace, or an industry-wide blockchain consortium, Polygon and Kaleido have you covered.

It’s a Game-changing time for Web3—and we’re excited to power the many great projects to come.

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